Ancona, 27/06/2008


Dear Friends,

 Four years on from the beginning of the site “Miei”, the profession has developed new needs, such as the interaction and exchange amongst colleagues of general medicine. Hence the launch of the new portal of scan images and videos, called “ecomiei”, which offers the following opportunities:

Blog on clinic cases presented by any doctor, with observations related to the profession, etc …

Possibility of remote inclusion of your clinic case from your own surgery …

Possibility of downloading presentations and articles delivered during previous courses and conferences on the use of ultrasound in general medicine, and of uploading your own scientific material to share with colleagues ….

Possibility to start new research in the ultrasound field ( for instance: the study of the abdominal aorta on all our patients over 50, study of biliary and renal calculus,  study of carotid stenosis, study of gross hematuria caused by vesical neoplasia, etc …)

Observations on past courses and on future programmes /plans ….

For any questions and clarifications on the new website you can contact me on the following email address:  Participation is easy and can prove to be very fruitful and beneficial for all ultrasound specialists as well as for those who approach the ultrasound scanning for the first time.

The “miei” website is listed in Google so that all participants can take advantage of the search engine to make their case study available.

We believe that this new initiative can be a support for all involved, and we invite you to participate in great numbers.

Kind Regards

Massimo Dolciotti

Andrea Dini